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Compass Veterinary Clinic utilizes a wide range of in-house diagnostic and laboratory services to help diagnose your pet’s health and condition. We always have a Certified Veterinary Technician working specifically in the laboratory to read and analyze most diagnostic tests. They then relay the information quickly to the veterinarians so the vet can accurately diagnose the pet. Some of the tests we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Fecal Analysis
  • Skin Scrapes/Impressions
  • Gram Stains
  • Blood Cell Counts
  • Internal Organ Functions
  • Urinalysis

Advanced testing

Compass utilizes the most advanced Blood Analyzer available, the Heska HT5. The HT5 delivers accurate blood cell count results in under a minute with a blood sample of just four drops, resulting in a less traumatic experience for your pet. The results are then automatically transferred to our system, and are available to the veterinarian within a few minutes right in the exam room.

For Blood Chemistry Analysis, including Enzyme levels, Proteins, Blood Sugar, Electrolytes and Organ Function, Compass utilizes the Heska Element DC. The Element DC can run up to twenty tests on one patient from just one sample, making it very economical. It allows us to deliver faster results to our clients without having to send samples to an outside reference lab, which can be more costly and more time consuming.

For more advanced testing than our in-house equipment can produce, we use the services of Antech West. Antech provides superior results in as little as 24 hours.


When we think of the type of procedures that cause undue stress in pets at the vet, diagnostic testing is often one of them. Drawing blood and collecting samples can be painful when done improperly, leading to future stress at the vet’s office. Using Fear Free guidelines, we ensure that your pet’s visit with us goes smoothly and that they leave happy and stress-free.


Compass Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer in house laboratory testing for animals and owners in Lake Oswego, Oak Grove, Metzger, Shadowood, Portland, Milwaukie, Durham, Tualatin, Wilsonville, Norwood, Stafford, West Linn, Beaverton and the surrounding areas.

Compass Veterinary Clinic provides full service veterinary care to cats and dogs as well as exotic pets and animals in a friendly atmosphere in Lake Oswego and the surrounding areas.

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