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We provide full-service veterinary care to cats, dogs, pocket pets, and exotic pets in Lake Oswego, OR

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Inspire and nurture the human-animal bond one pet and one owner at a time.

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Compass Veterinary Clinic

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Compass Veterinary Clinic

Compass Veterinary Clinic provides full-service veterinary care to cats and dogs as well as certain exotic mammals in a warm, friendly atmosphere. We treat patients ranging from rabbits, ferrets, pocket pets, and big cats. Compass is a certified Fear-Free veterinary clinic, offering the care your pets need with the comfort they deserve.

Our Veterinary Services

Our licensed and specially trained veterinarians are experienced in a wide range of veterinary surgeries, including spay & neuter procedures and office-hours emergency care. We’re dedicated to whole animal wellness, providing cardiology and dental care, infectious disease treatments, and the overall maintenance of pet health. We strive to be proactive in our approach to the well-being of your pets. From standard vaccinations to microchipping and animal nutrition, our veterinarians are there to provide the kind of care your pets need to stay happy and healthy. If an animal shows signs of illness, our clinic has digital imaging and in-house laboratory testing to quickly diagnose and treat the issue.

Dr. Connolly cares for the Big Cats at Wildcat Ridge Sanctuary.

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Compass veterinary Clinic - Fear Free

Fear Free Certified

Beyond state-of-the-art care, Compass Veterinary Clinic provides a calm, fear-free environment so that you and your pet can relax and look forward to meeting our compassionate veterinarians and staff. We offer behavioral counseling to help with problems at home or with other animals in group settings, such as boarding facilities.

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