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Pet Surgery

At Compass Veterinary Clinic, our skilled surgical team constantly monitors patients to ensure their safety while providing the most comfortable experience. Learn more about our surgery services below.

Pet Surgery in Lake Oswego, OR

At Compass Veterinary Clinic, we approach surgery with compassion and strive to ensure your pet’s procedure is as comfortable, stress-free, and safe as possible. Our veterinarians are skilled at performing a variety of surgical procedures. Some complex surgeries or orthopedic repairs are referred to outstanding specialists in our area.

We use the same anesthetic gas used in human medicine, Isoflurane, with high-quality primary and backup delivery equipment. Every anesthetic protocol is tailored to your pet, both before and during the procedure. Every patient undergoing anesthesia is monitored by our BioVet System, which monitors their heart rate, heart rhythm, body temperature, respiration, and oxygenation level throughout the procedure. However, we never rely on just the machine. Each patient is also constantly monitored by a licensed veterinary technician, who’s trained to manually check the heart rate, look at the color of the gums, and constantly visually assess the patient and their vital signs.



Every surgical instrument is thoroughly sterilized in our state-of-the-art Midmark M11 “Ultra-Clave” Automatic Sterilizer. With the emergence of many aggressive, infectious organisms, we want to reduce any possible risk to patients. Your pet’s surgeon will also be sterilely scrubbed, gloved, masked, and gowned. We never compromise on patient health and safety to cut down on costs. We also provide appropriate pain management during and after all procedures.

We run pre-anesthetic bloodwork on every pet to ensure that they are healthy enough for surgery and anesthesia that day, since even young, seemingly healthy animals can have underlying conditions that affect our plan! We also require that all patients be up to date on their core vaccines and that they are free of fleas and other parasites. This protects them AND our other patients!



From planned spay and neuter procedures to emergency life-saving surgery, we incorporate Fear Free practices into everything that we do. When you bring your pet in for surgery at our Lake Oswego clinic, you’ll see just how dedicated we are to your pet’s safety and comfort.