Getting Your Pet Surgery in Lake Oswego

Pet Surgery in Lake Oswego

Much of today’s veterinary care is focused on the prevention of disease. With all of the advancements we’ve made in testing and the increased use of wellness care by pet owners, we’ve been able to cut illnesses off before they’ve even begun. While that works for a number of conditions, there are a few situations where you’ll be grateful to have access to skilled veterinarians for pet surgery in Lake Oswego.



When we think of surgeries, one of the first procedures that come to mind is a spay or neuter. This is likely due to the fact that it’s one of the first steps responsible pet owners take when they adopt a kitten or a puppy. Indeed, spay and neuter surgeries are the most common procedures performed by many veterinarians. With such a regularly practiced surgery, the complications are very low. If you’ve adopted your pet from a place like the Oregon Humane Society, you likely never had to think about getting your pet altered. Many other pet owners, however, have to make decisions like this for their pet’s health and well being -- including where to get quality pet surgery in the Lake Oswego area.


Beyond standard surgeries, some of the top procedures performed by veterinarians include lump removals for biopsy, tooth extractions and the removal of foreign objects. It can be difficult to know when your pet will decide to finally eat that rubber band that they can’t pass, or their genetics will lead to the development of cancerous or benign tumors. Having a veterinarian that you know and trust if these problems should ever arise can take a heavy weight off your shoulders at a stressful time.


What goes into finding a veterinary clinic that alleviates anxiety instead of causing it? For pet surgery, a sterile environment is one of your top priorities as an owner. Clean surgical suites and equipment means far lower risks of infection later on. A quality clinic will also have top tier equipment rather than cobbled together units that haven’t been serviced in ages. Plus, the right veterinary team has the ability to inspire confidence instead of fear.


If you have any questions about finding the right veterinarian for your pet’s surgery here in Lake Oswego, feel free to reach out to us at any time here at Compass Veterinary Clinic.


Pet Surgery in Lake Oswego

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