How many times has a simple visit to your local vet turned into a nightmare experience for both you and your pet?

Vet visits can be very stressful for your pet. Hearing loud noises, seeing sudden movements, and being in an uncertain environment can evoke feelings of stress, anxiety, and fear. While most veterinary clinics are aware that your pet may be stressed or anxious when visiting the clinic, they typically fall short in substantially reducing the anxiety.

Compass Veterinary Clinic - Fear Free

Fear Free clinics, on the other hand, have a trained staff, a plan that begins several hours before the pet’s visit, and are specifically designed to be stress-free, positive, and comfortable.

The Fear Free program is an in-depth educational course that provides training and certification to veterinary professionals on emotional wellbeing and reducing fear and stress in pets. There are many health benefits for a pet that is less stressed including:

  • Accurate blood tests
  • More informative physical exams
  • Reduced sedation

By choosing a Fear Free vet in the Portland area you are taking a crucial step in maintaining the emotional and physical wellness of your furry companion.

What Compass Veterinary Clinic Does Differently to be Fear Free
As your trusted Fear Free clinic in Portland, Compass Veterinary Clinic is here to deliver a positive and fear-free experience for your pet.

Our heating, ventilation, and cooling system is built to control odors and reduce noise. Our kennels do not directly face one another and our boarded cats are separated from our boarded dogs. Our staff is conscious of the need for calm voices and gentle movements. We let the pet approach us and even examine pets on the floor if they do not wish to get on the exam tables.

Why Choosing Compass Veterinary Clinic as Your Fear-Free Vet in Portland is the Best Choice for You and Your Pet
Our compassion guides everything we do. We have thoughtfully created a comfortable environment and trained our staff to provide a Fear Free visit for your pet. Contact us or schedule an appointment through our online portal for your pet’s next Fear Free visit!