An animal’s diet plays a big role in their overall health. From obesity to allergens and gastrointestinal problems, the type of food we feed them can either help or hurt them.

Excess weight is a serious health problem for dogs and cats, and it’s unfortunately quite common. Too much food and too little exercise are the main factors in those extra pounds, just like in humans though there may be additional hormonal or genetic factors to consider. It’s important to discuss proper food and feeding habits with one of our veterinarians if your pet carries around a few too many extra pounds.

If your pet has chronically itchy skin, rashes or tummy problems, it might be time to consider a different food for them. Allergies and sensitivities to ingredients are common in many animals.We can work together to find the best diet to keep your pet feeling their best.

Royal Canin and Purina Pro Plan Diets

Compass carries Royal Canin and Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets for cats and dogs in our clinic. From gastrointestinal support to overweight management in dogs and diabetic management and urinary tract support in cats, Purina Veterinary Diets® are formulated with the well-being of pets in mind.

Give us a call to ask about our competitive pricing on Royal Canin and Purina Pro Plan Diets.


Beyond a stress-free visit to the vet’s office, we want to make sure that your pet is feeling and behaving well. Improper nutrition can contribute to anxiety in animals, making it difficult to train them. We believe that Fear Free pet care is built on the strong base of a healthy diet.


Compass Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer animal nutritional counseling and products for animals and owners in Lake Oswego, Oak Grove, Metzger, Shadowood, Portland, Milwaukie, Durham, Tualatin, Wilsonville, Norwood, Stafford, West Linn, Beaverton and the surrounding areas.

Compass Veterinary Clinic provides full service veterinary care to cats and dogs as well as exotic pets and animals in a friendly atmosphere in Lake Oswego and the surrounding areas.

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