Pet Emergency Care in Lake Oswego

Finding Pet Emergency Care in Lake Oswego

There are a million things you’d probably like to do more than have to find your pet emergency care in Lake Oswego on a Friday afternoon.

Get dressed up in neon and leg warmers for Eighties Night at the Crystal Ballroom. Happy hour 30 floors up at Portland City Grill. Watch paint dry in your newly renovated kitchen. The fact of the matter is that pets rarely go and swallow an entire ball of rubber bands at a convenient time. So, if you find yourself panicking about your animal’s ability to ruin your whole apartment’s carpet in under a minute, it might be time to take them in to the professionals.

Fun in the Park?

Did you know that Portland has more dog parks per capita than any other city in the US? Alright, we weren’t surprised to learn that fact either! And while the vast majority of the interactions at dog parks are sweet and tame, occasionally a tussle can break out. Most of the time, dogs won’t break skin or harm their playmate, but if they feel threatened or scared, they might just draw blood. And then all of a sudden your Saturday morning is filled with a trip to the vet for pet emergency care here in Lake Oswego instead of brunch at La Provence. Dog bites and lacerations, as well as claws to the eye are big reasons to get your pet yo the vet asap.

Emergency Disease Care

Not all trips to the vet for emergency pet care here in Lake Oswego look like a bloody fight, though. Sometimes it’s the quiet but equally frightening diseases that creep up on your beloved companion with the life-threatening symptoms. Parvo, advanced kennel cough and other viral, fungal and bacterial infections can do real damage to your pet’s vital organs. A high fever is just as scary in pets as it is in people. Just bringing your pet in for fluids and expert advice can go a long way toward keeping them healthy and happy by your side.

If you have any questions about pet emergency care in Lake Oswego, please feel free to reach out to us at any time here at Compass Veterinary Clinic.


Pet Emergency Care in Lake Oswego

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