Finding a Fear Free Veterinarian in Lake Oswego

Fear Free Veterinarian in Lake Oswego

For some pets, going to the vet can be a bit of a hassle. They don’t like the car ride, or they might growl at the other dog in the waiting room. For others, the trip to the clinic is sheer terror. Maybe you see behaviors you’ve never even encountered with your normally mild-mannered dog. Perhaps you end up with more than a few scars from a completely freaked out cat. Finding a Fear Free Veterinarian in Lake Oswego could be the key to a stress-free trip to the vet’s office for both you and your furry friend.


What Is Fear Free?

When we say Fear Free, we’re referring to an actual set of standards for low-stress environments for pets at the vet. Fear Free Certification programs cover everything from how a clinic is constructed to how the veterinarian and technicians interact with your pet. When you put an animal’s emotional well being first, you can see the huge difference it makes in their care. Many dogs hate being placed on a cold metal table off the ground. And why shouldn’t they? It might seem unsafe, especially when confronted with sharp needles or probing hands. Veterinarians dedicated to their Fear Free clinic will often examine pets on the floor where they feel most comfortable. There are also steps they can take when first interacting with a pet to put them at ease. This all takes time, patience and understanding, which is why not every clinic practices as a Fear Free Veterinarian here in Lake Oswego.


Why Choose Fear Free

A calm pet is a healthy pet. When an animal is anxious, it’s difficult to accurately test them for a variety of basic health metrics. Their pulse may be unusually high due to an extended time in the waiting area. They might be particularly stoic and hiding the limp you brought them in for. Their immune system may even be compromised by high levels of stress and anxiety. Overall, a difficult trip to the vet can cause some serious problems for your companion’s overall health outcomes.


If you’re interested in learning more about Fear Free Veterinarians in the Lake Oswego area, please feel free to reach out to us at Compass Veterinary Clinic.


Fear Free Veterinarian in Lake Oswego

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