Birds tend to live longer, healthier lives when they receive regular veterinary care. Dr Lipanovich, our avian expert, can provide nutritional counseling, health assessments, grooming assistance, sexing, fecal parasite testing, medical and surgical services, and annual physicals. We also offer consultation on general care, disease prevention, safety, appropriate housing and toys, and breeding.

We recommend bringing your bird in for an initial check-up, then stopping by once a year to ensure that he or she remains healthy. However, some birds may require more frequent visits. During each exam, we check your bird’s beak, nails, and feathers to determine if they require any specialized attention.

Regular Exams

Regular exams can help catch diseases and problems early, when they tend to be easier and less expensive to treat. A bird that doesn’t groom itself correctly, appears ruffled, or has unkempt or missing feathers is probably sick. Other signs that your bird might not be well include changes in eating or sleeping habits, difficulty breathing, and abnormal droppings. Birds are good at hiding signs of illness, so if you notice that your bird is acting unusual or if something just doesn’t seem right, call us as soon as possible.

Dr Lipanovich is a member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians

Dr Lipanovich has over ten years of experience treating birds, including some very rare species. She was the Staff Veterinarian at Dickerson Park Zoo, following a two year residency at the Denver Zoo.


Our feathered friends deserve the same high quality care as more common domestic pets. Fear Free avian medicine is built around the same principles, ensuring a safe, welcoming and stress-free visit with us.


Compass Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer avian veterinary services for animals and owners in Lake Oswego, Oak Grove, Metzger, Shadowood, Portland, Milwaukie, Durham, Tualatin, Wilsonville, Norwood, Stafford, West Linn, Beaverton and the surrounding areas.

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