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RECENT NEWS:  Compass is pleased to announce the opening of our online store in partnership with Vet Source.  Click to open store in new window.

Congratulations to Dr. Connolly on becoming a Certified Fear Free Professional. As part of our commitment to providing veterinary care in a stress free environment, Dr. Connolly recently completed a comprehensive course on Fear Free techniques and practice design. Click to read article.

Dr. Cherie Connolly - Medical Director and Founder

At the age of six years, Dr. Connolly learned (among other things) that some people get paid to take care of animals. Since her idea of a perfect world is one in which animals live forever without ever becoming injured or falling ill, Dr. Connolly resolved to acquire a degree in Veterinary Medicine.

In 1985, she left sunny southern California for the Pacific Northwest, where she earned her Bachelor of Science at Oregon State University. She was awarded her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from both Oregon State University and Washington State University in 1992.

DVM in hand, Dr. Connolly returned to California to begin her career. There she met and married her husband, Tim. They opted to return to the four seasons of the Pacific Northwest in 1996, and have made the Portland area their home ever since.

After practicing for 20 years at Companion Pet Clinic in Hillsboro, Dr. Connolly opened her own practice in Lake Oswego. She's passionate about the opportunity to treat clients, patients and staff alike as long-lost friends, and is still dedicated to her dream of helping all animals live long, healthy lives.

In her spare time, Dr. Connolly enjoys hanging out with her daughters and her husband. She also likes to read (sci-fi, fantasy, news, professional journals, cereal boxes… if it has words, she will read it), swim, bike, and hike. In those rare moments when she is not on the go, Dr. Connolly usually has one of the family’s special-needs cats in her lap, forcing her to sit still and watch a movie. 

Dr. Erica Lipanovich - Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Erica Lipanovich is passionate about caring for exotic animals.

How much?

Let’s put it this way, in addition to being the staff veterinarian at Wildcat Ridge Sanctuary in Scotts Mills, she used her vacation time each year to help rare birds on Guam. 

The love of exotic animals is in her DNA.  Dr Lipanovich grew up around exotics.  Her father, Charles Wilson, is the former director of the Memphis Zoo, one of the nation’s top zoos.

“Zoos are what I’ve known my whole life,” she said.  “They are a very comfortable setting. My dad instilled a good foundation in me of the purpose of a zoo. He helped make Memphis Zoo a big success. He got the pandas there. He did Cat Country, the children’s area and a new entrance.”

Dr Lipanovich recalls her dad sometimes bringing animals from the zoo home if they were needed for an early morning TV interview.

“My mom is deathly afraid of snakes,” Dr. Lipanovich said. “So the first area my dad sent me to was the reptile area, so that I wouldn’t be afraid of them. One night he brought home a snake. He hid it in my closet and said, ‘Don’t tell mom.’ But mom knew there was a snake. That night she said, ‘I know there’s a snake in this house, I just don’t want to know where it is.’”

By the age of 14 Lipanovich knew she wanted to be a veterinarian and was already working at an animal clinic. After veterinary school, she followed in her father’s footsteps and became the staff veterinarian at the Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, MO.   After six years at the zoo, she relocated in 2014 to be near her family in Oregon.  She brings a wealth of experience in exotics and small animal medicine, having been a staff veterinarian at Dickerson Park Zoo, the Denver Zoo, and the Oregon Zoo.   

We are blessed that Dr Erica has chosen to join the Compass team!

Dr Erica is available for appointments beginning September 28.   Not only is she one of the premier exotics veterinarians in Oregon, she is also an expert in the veterinary care of dogs, cats, rabbits, and pocket pets.

(some content courtesy of Keizer Times).

April Wetherell - Lead Veterinary Technician

April’s passion for animals started at very young age, so it is no surprise that she chose a career in veterinary medicine.  April has worked with Dr Connolly for almost six years.   She provides a sense of calm under pressure and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Compass.  April holds a degree in Veterinary Technology.

Madeleine Connolly - Client Care Specialist

Multi-talented Maddie is a junior at Oregon State Honors College where she is majoring in Anthropology.  She grew up around animals and the Veterinary field.  Like her mom, Dr. Connolly, she's an avid reader.  When she's not in clinic or studying for an exam, Maddie enjoys playing Celtic fiddle.  Maddie is currently attending National University of Ireland - Galway for the fall term.  We will see her back at the clinic early 2018.

Tram Luc - Client Care Specialist/Technician

Brilliant Tram Luc holds a B.S. degree in Animal Science from Oregon State University.  Her goal was always to work in a clinic environment.   Tram is passionate about the science of veterinary medicine.  She's also fluent in Vietnamese!

Penny Ishizuka - Client Care Specialist/Technician

Brainiac​ Penny holds a B.S. degree in Biomedical Electrical Engineering from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering.  She's a member of the Society of Women Enginneers.  Prior to starting at Compass, Penny was Lead SAT/ACT Instructor at HS2 Academy.   Lucky for Compass, Penny decided to put her education and experience to practical use in the Veterinary field.  We are fortunate to have her on our team.

Tim Connolly - Practice Manager

Tim has a remarkably diverse background that spans market research, large-scale live event production, film production, and video game animation. Bringing his breadth and depth of business experience, Tim oversees operations and financial management of Compass and keeps us on the straight and narrow.  In 2013, Tim was honored by the Portland Business Journal as a CFO of the Year Honoree in recognition of his work with small businesses in Oregon.

When not helping to keep our systems running in top condition, Tim keeps himself busy with various entrepreneurial pursuits, putting miles on his Harley, time with his family, and travel.

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